Author, Speaker, Musician

Rev. Joanne Blum, Ph.D. is currently serving as Interim Minister of Unity Church of Delaware in Delaware, Ohio.  Joanne is also Spiritual Director, and co-founder, with her husband, Joe Lambert, of In Spirit Ministries (, a spiritual non-profit dedicated to supporting the wholeness of all people through the healing power of music. In Spirit hosts a monthly music and meditation service called the "First Saturday Chant,” and does musical and ministerial outreach visits to hospitals, nursing homes, and retirement centers in the Columbus area.


Joanne’s legal ordination is through the Universal Brotherhood Movement, Inc. a non-profit, interfaith ministry founded more than 25 years ago to support diverse ministries without constraint by religious dogma, rules, or denominational categories.


Having been reared in a faith tradition referred to as New Thought Christianity, a non-denominational branch of Christianity that typically includes Unity, Religious Science, and Divine Science, Joanne has a broad educational background in both Unity and Religious Science.  She has written extensively for magazines associated with these New Thought philosophies, and frequently serves as a guest speaker and teacher in New Thought ministries in this region.  Before founding In Spirit Ministries and becoming its Spiritual Director, she served as Spiritual Leader of Unity East Church in Pickerington, Ohio from 2001 to 2009.  Having a doctorate in English language and literature, Joanne has also worked as a college English instructor and as Assistant Director of Undergraduate Studies in the English Department of Ohio State. 


Joanne's most recent book, Here I Am Lord! A Minister Reflects on Her Calling, is now available from  This book, published in 2013, is a memoir of ministry, and a reflection on the calling to it, whether in the church or in a myriad of forms outside the church. Joanne is also the author of  Living Your Calling, a book about finding and following calling, and Oh My Beloved: Seven Lessons in Sacred Relationship, on cultivating spiritually supportive relationship. She has had articles published in a wide variety of magazines, including Unity Magazine, Science of Mind, Ohio Magazine, Columbus Monthly, and other publications.


Joanne and her husband, Joe Lambert, are also active musicians (guitar/flute and vocal duet) and perform often at churches, retirement centers, and community events. They have three CDs: "Love Is Enough,"  "Even More Love," and "Love Is." They also perform, along with two other musicians, in the hippie nostalgia band, "The Bead People," focusing on the peace and love music of the 1960s and 70s. 

Joanne's Newest Book Available!

Here I Am, Lord! is a memoir of ministry as seen through the eyes of a novice minister in the field, feeling her way, making mistakes, and repeatedly calling on God’s guidance and support. It is also a reflection on ministry, on where the calling for it comes from, how deep it goes, and why it persists so relentlessly despite limited material rewards and un-measurable successes.

Why are so many of us drawn to this work? Ministry is more than a position in a church, more than a title, and more than any job. Ministry is pure calling and it is conducted by all kinds of people in all kinds of venues—churches, yes, but also classrooms, clinics, even beauty salons.

Wherever there is a deep desire in the heart to make a difference for someone, to share some humor and light, and to offer up a little encouragement so someone else’s way might go easier, you will find a minister at work in the world. If you are one of them, this book is for you. The book is available in print and Kindle versions from